Patent law, like most things in life, is subject to change. Changes to patent laws not only impact investment in your existing IP, but directly shape strategies to protect your freedom to operate. The Patent 213 blog provides up-to-date, insightful analysis of the evolution in the written description and enablement requirements of 35 USC 112 and the subject matter eligibility requirements of 35 USC 101. The Patent 213 blog analyzes key decisions from the district courts and the Federal Circuit, as well as the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, to provide timely insight into this changing legal landscape.

Patent 213 contributors offer summaries to help patent practitioners, litigators, in-house counsel, inventors and investors better understand the 112 and 101 legal issues that impact decisions about preserving, protecting and defending IP assets. We believe that with change comes opportunity, and we look forward to exploring and discussing these developing issues with you.